Why select us for your financial needs

We take time to really understand who you are, the things you value in life, and how you want the future to unfold. We help you develop your personalized financial plan and investment strategy, and, at a minimum, we will meet with you on an annual basis to ensure the financial plan and investment strategy are still appropriate for you. We address wealth management issues common to higher net worth families. These issues often require us to work closely with clients' attorneys and CPAs and to partner with internal experts from D.A. Davidson's Research, Insurance, Retirement, Trust, and Wealth Planning teams. We define our success by our clients' success.

Our Process:


  • We explore your unique situation to understand what you value most, help clarify your financial goals and priorities, learn how you feel about risk, and discover your objectives and investment time frame. We discuss the opportunities and challenges you see on the horizon.

  • We review how your investments are currently organized and discuss how your investment plan has evolved over time.

  • We spend time acquainting you with our team and how we operate so you can decide if we will be a good fit for your financial and investment needs.

Investment Plan
  • When building your personalized investment plan, we assemble your asset information in a consolidated view, looking for asset concentrations and duplications. We evaluate your risk tolerance, time horizon, short-term and long-term goals and objectives.

  • Selecting Investment Managers: Choosing managers whose performance, consistency, tenure of key principals, ownership and other factors all contribute to our recommendations.

  • With your specific parameters in mind, we design a diversified investment plan to address your objectives at an acceptable level of risk. The combination of appropriate asset classes, investment types, and professional managers are selected.

Comprehensive Financial Plan and Wealth Management Issues

  • We work with you to prepare a customized comprehensive financial plan.

  • We identify which of the Wealth Management Issues you've already addressed or don't apply to your situation and then prioritize the remaining issues with an action plan to address them.

Ongoing Review and Communication Plan

  • We proactively stay in touch through scheduled meetings and periodic phone conversations to ensure we are on course, and make adjustments to your road map to help navigate life changes you encounter along the way.

  • We closely review overall market trends, economic conditions, and investment performance from quarter to quarter, and make adjustments to your portfolio as needed.

  • We review your progress, help minimize the impact of taxes, and measure your results against each of your objectives.